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Welcome To Some Of The Best Interactive Campaigns That Corporate Entities Have Developed

People Love Being Entertained And Brands Doing Innovative Things Like This Will Be Well Rewarded

We live In An Interactive Age!

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One of my favorite videos! A vision of the near future shows interactivity (or is it augmented reality?)  and NFC in action. (NFC or near field communication – in this case is paying for your purchase from your mobile with a swipe!) Cisco show you how the changing room is really changing. Click on the video to watch

American Apparel have it in-store but you can check the product yourself Click on the video to watch Or you can try it at home on your own TV! Click on the video to watch  Or were you thinking of buying shoes? Click on the video to watch


Here is a Coke campaign that they did with a James Bond theme. So far have had over 3 million viewers, the message is people love originality and want these type of campaigns Click on the video to watch

The Coca-Cola “Happiness Machine” was awarded CLIO‟s prestigious Gold Interactive Award at the 51st annual awards dinner held in New York City. A CLIO award is one of the world‟s most recognized industry accolades for advertising, design and communications. The “Happiness Machine” video, the result of a collaboration between Coca-Cola and integrated interactive marketing agency Definition 6, features a Coca-Cola vending machine transformed to deliver surprising “doses” of happiness to unsuspecting college students. Shot on location at the Queens, NY, campus of St. John’s University, the outwardly typical Coke machine, was placed in the center of the student cafeteria, in full view of five strategically placed hidden cameras. What ensued was totally unscripted. Over 2 days of filming, the hidden cameras captured the spontaneous reactions of the students as the machine dispensed an array of goodies including, flowers, pizzas, sunglasses, a twelve-foot „hero‟ sub and a seemingly never ending supply of Coca-Cola. “Happiness is contagious. When you see people smiling, you want to smile.” said Wendy Clark, SVP, Integrated Marketing Communications and Capabilities, The Coca-Cola Company.

Click on the video to watch

These type of interactive and augmented reality experiences are the way big Brands are now moving. (Click Best Augmented Reality Campaigns to view some great creativity) How about buying furniture? Click on the video to watch   Here is a campaign by Hellmann’s, the message is that Hellmanns goes on anything. They created Hellmann’s Food Slot. Just pull the lever and the machine will randomly combine the ingredients in the display. Look at what you’ve won, collect your recipe and get your hot and fresh delicious food sample made with the real mayonnaise. Click the video to watch

When grocery chain Tesco wanted to expand their market share in South Korea, they came up with a brilliant idea. Because the people in South Korea work long hours they thought of an efficient way to sell their products. The Korean subsidiary Home Plus put up billboards in subway stations with their range of products, accompanied by QR, or Quick Response codes. All people had to do now is scan the QR codes with their mobile phone and the groceries were delivered to their doorsteps. Click on the video to watch


Here is a print example of Augmented Reality. On your smartphone download the Blippar app, then hover over this below and watch the magic happen! This IS the future for advertising in print and has already started happening

Lynx makes angels fall from the sky

 Click on the video to watch

Everybody was wondering who was behind the messages in the sky during the Ryder Cup golf tournament in USA. It turned out to be Paddy Power bookmakers….. Click on the video to watch

  A demonstration of the Google Wallet mobile app, and how you can pay in-store by tapping your phone anywhere contactless NFC payments are accepted. Click on the video to watch   With the new Voice Search, you can speak your queries without pushing any buttons. Click on the video to watch   This is what everyone is talking about at the moment, Google Goggles, see what you will soon be able to do with a pair of these  Click on the video to watch Two Campaigns From McDonald’s

Click videos to watch


  THE Best APP I have seen is from Pizza Hut!

A New Watch For Next Christmas?


Saying Goodbye At Japan Airport

The Local Shop

…And How The Shop Experience Was Made